Private Sales

The first step towards a successful private sale is to consider the horse's market value and market placement. If you have placed your horse in the appropriate market, your horse will sell well. If you are way off-mark on market placement, you'll continue to own the horse and bear the continued cost of the horse's upkeep.

The key to selling horses is simple: proper market placement, selling at the best price, and moving forward toward your next acquisition.

The Thomas J. Gallo Sales Agency will help you appraise and market your horse in a way that is cost-effective and get the job done in a timely fashion, saving you stress and expenses going forward. When considering selling your horse(s) through private sale, timing is key and target-marketing is needed to get the word out and generate interest in your horse.

Please contact the Thomas J. Gallo III Sales Agency, LLC for detailed information on private sales and commission rates.